Civil Engineering Firm in Andrews, Texas

Located in Andrews, Texas, WTC, Inc. is a regional provider of engineering, consulting, surveying, technical and construction services. With over 65 years of experience, we have become an industry leader by consistently delivering superior service and value to our clients. Our strength is providing integrated solutions across multiple platforms.

Our extensive experience stretches across a wide variety of markets, including:

We understand the unique needs of our customers and are well equipped to handle diverse projects. At WTC, Inc., our commitment is providing our clients practical solutions while maintaining quality.

Professional Land Surveyors in Andrews, Texas

Our well-trained team uses modern equipment coupled with years of experience to deliver the region’s most accurate mapping and surveying projects. Our land surveyors have knowledge and expertise in projects, including title and boundary surveys for infrastructure and industrial sites. We can also provide superior service in well-staking and pipeline surveying.

Some of the advantages of WTC, Inc. land surveying services include:

  • The most efficient routing.
  • Identification of obstacles that pose challenges to the right of way and legal ownership.
  • Environmental hazard detection.
  • Our commitment to ensuring the highest safety levels.

WTC, Inc. has over seven decades of experience in the Permian Basin, so we are familiar with the intricacies of land surveying around Texas. Our long-standing relationships with municipalities, boards and utility providers in the area have given us valuable insight into providing accurate and efficient services to our customers. 

How WTC, Inc. Can Assist You

Whether your project requires engineering, construction, surveying or geospatial expertise, the team at WTC, Inc. is ready to help. Among the services we provide are:

  • Civil engineering services: We offer several civil engineering services, including site development, site utilities, drainage studies and transportation and roadway planning. Our civil engineers focus on shaping the natural environment by improving it with infrastructure to help meet productivity goals.
  • Permian basin surveying: If your company requires a new pipeline or boundary mapping for new sites or utilities, our land surveying team can help. If you need a new well, we can assist in finding compatible sites and help with grading, fill and cut requirements, access roads and utilities.
  • Construction services: WTC’s construction services team uses the most technologically advanced GPS survey equipment and total robotic stations to handle your project needs, along with our knowledge of machine control software and digital terrain modeling. 
  • GIS Services: Using our geographic information system (GIS) services allows you to gain deeper insight into data related to the earth’s position, such as relationships and patterns. We provide our customers with various GIS services, including data control, integrated mapping and infrastructure management. 

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WTC, Inc. is a leading provider of engineering, surveying and construction services in the Andrews, Texas area. Our extensive experience ranges from projects in professional engineering and surveying to construction and GIS services. This includes dealings with the Texas Water Development Board, Federal Wastewater Treatment Grant Program, Rural Water Authority Programs, TCDBG, State Revolving Fund Program and the Transportation Infrastructure Program. 

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