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If your business requires access to real-time data for decision-making in fast environments or asset management, WTC, Inc. can create, design and manage a geographic information system (GIS) solution for your company. Integrating survey-grade data and maps with real-time supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)-collected data for use in the office and the field can save thousands of dollars through improved time management, reduced maintenance costs and collaboration between users.

WTC, Inc. has the latest GIS software solutions. Your business can begin using the software without formal training. From oil and gas asset management to municipal utility management, a well-designed GIS can mean real cost savings, improved production and reduced waste. Our clients depend on WTC, Inc. for the design and maintenance of practical and easy-to-operate GIS solutions that provide real results in their organizations.

WTC’s relationship-based approach provides the ongoing technical support and training to make certain your organization gets the most out of your GIS.

What Is GIS?

A geographic information system is a computer program that lets you capture, store, display and check data as it relates to the Earth’s position. Using GIS, you can gain deeper insights, such as patterns and relationships, that wouldn’t otherwise be apparent. Clients in many fields, such as oil and gas, transportation and wastewater management, use GIS to help solve problems, monitor situations and events, make forecasts and predictions and track trends.
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GIS Services From WTC, Inc.

WTC, Inc. provides our clients with a range of GIS services, including integrated mapping, infrastructure management and data control. Learn more about how GIS can help streamline and improve your projects below.

top view of the earth - wtc provides city of odessa gis solutions and services in the rest of the permian basin

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure refers to the facilities and structures that allow a company or municipality to keep operating. Examples of infrastructure include pipelines, roads, sewer lines and wastewater treatment facilities. Infrastructure needs to be maintained to keep costs down and continue being useful.

GIS for infrastructure management provides you with access to your data to assist in making decisions, improving time management, lowering maintenance costs and reducing waste. For example, you can use GIS to keep tabs on the location of sewer lines and track when they were last maintained.

You can also use GIS to schedule future work orders for the sewer lines and map the site for any issues with the lines, such as those that have failed or burst. With GIS and a geo-technical report performed on your property, you can take steps to prevent failures or replace older lines before they cause a problem, saving you money and headache.

Integrated Mapping

Traditionally speaking, maps can tell you a lot about a piece of land or geography. Even the oldest maps often included geographical features, such as rivers and mountains. They also usually contained information about who owned the land on the map or what country or territory it was part of.

Integrated mapping with GIS goes a step further, giving you access to multiple layers of data that are relevant to your project. You can see the location of assets and infrastructure and pinpoint when those items need maintenance and service. With integrated mapping, data updates quickly so you can easily coordinate with other members of your project’s team.

Integrated survey data and maps that update as your project moves forward can show you future plans and allow permitting, utility and landowner coordination.

With a properly designed GIS solution, you have the flexibility to allow authorized users from inside or outside your company to access any maps for your project without any need for formal training.

Data Control

In addition to creating maps and managing the relevant data, you need to be able to share that data with your team members or clients. GIS data can take up a lot of space, which you might not have room for on your company’s servers. One solution to the problem of limited storage space is to host your data in the cloud.

WTC, Inc. offers GIS data hosting solutions, which can be tailored to meet your needs. When your data is stored in the cloud, you can access it anytime, anywhere. You can also quickly share it with whoever you’d like, so they can access it from wherever.

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WTC, Inc. has been helping clients in the Permian Basin and Andrews, Lubbock, Odessa and Midland areas for decades. We’re committed to working with companies in the public and private sectors and helping them maintain their infrastructure and facilities. To learn more about GIS and how our geospatial services can help you control your company’s data, contact us, one of the leading GIS software companies in Texas.