Waste Services

A wheel loader moving material at a recycling facility

Our communities are becoming increasingly aware of waste management issues. Ideas that were once considered innovative, such as recycling programs and carbon sequestration for landfills, are becoming standard practice as environmental stewardship becomes increasingly important to our communities.

WTC, Inc. is here to assist with waste services in your municipality, community or private sector establishment. We have years of varied experience across numerous industries and are ready to help you:

  • Meet standards: Whether you’re striving to meet ecological regulations, create employee safety guidelines, abide by federal laws or stay compliant with local building codes, we can help you get there. This includes creating a plan of action for attaining necessary permits and designs that maintain compliance.
  • Manage costs: We understand the importance of operating within budget. We’ll utilize your existing resources and outsource when necessary to help you manage waste-related costs.
  • Update resources: We’ll help you update your resources to maximize their potential and cut costs by utilizing, repurposing or replacing outdated equipment, policies and plans. This includes negotiating and seeking partners to outsource tasks and services when necessary.
  • Create designs: WTC, Inc. will work one-on-one with you to create efficient waste management and processing designs that utilize your available resources, including complete comprehensive planning and construction for new projects or repurposing existing ones.

We pride ourselves on offering affordable, reliable and custom services that take advantage of your existing resources and identify areas for improvement or reimagining. We will create innovative solutions personalized to your specific situation. Read on to learn about some of the waste services we provide.

Wastewater and Solid Waste Engineering

Solid waste and wastewater — including the methods and chemicals used to control them — pose significant threats to environments, communities and workers when mismanaged. At WTC, Inc., we can help you create functional waste engineering designs from scratch or use your existing processes to streamline waste management. Together, we’ll develop safe, lasting solutions while remaining compliant with local regulations.

Some wastewater and solid waste engineering services we provide include:

  • Waste and stormwater treatment, management and operational support.
  • Waste engineering project analysis and containment designs.
  • Site evaluation and master planning assistance.
  • Environmentally safe engineering and system development.
  • Environmental impact statements (EIS) and assessments.
  • Reclaim and asset management services for wastewater and stormwater.
  • Spill prevention and countermeasure plans.
  • Radioactive depository planning and management.
  • Assistance obtaining necessary permits.
  • Construction management for city water systems, including both public and private sector establishments.
  • Modeling and system designs.

Waste Processing

WTC, Inc. can also help you implement, design or adjust your methods for waste processing, including:

  • Recycling: We can implement and manage recycling and recovery efforts, including sorting, reusing or downcycling products and materials.
  • Composting: Specific types of organic waste, like plant and food remains, can be transformed into environmentally safe compost to supplement farms and outdoor greeneries.
  • Destruction: Incineration, combustion and chemical treatment require strict safety standards. We’ll help you meet them and find environmentally sound destruction methods for all waste types.
  • Long-term disposal: Our experts will assist with collection, pre-treatment and management of waste at long-term landfills.

Our experience also extends to the specialized radioactive and hazardous waste industry, including solid gas, liquids and sludges. We’ll work with you to identify potentially hazardous materials, establish screening processes and safety protocols to protect employees and the environment and then create a long-term management or disposal plan for your processing facility.

Landfill Engineering

Landfill management requires strict adherence to local and federal environmental compliance and ongoing monitoring. We can help with that as part of our environmental engineering methods, which utilize various scientific data across disciplines to develop a minimally invasive, efficient landfill design.

We can also assist with:

  • Meeting standards to obtain landfill regulations and permits.
  • Containment, collection, management and removal system design and implementation.
  • Effective ways to isolate waste and minimize pollution and environmental impact.

Site and Construction Engineering

If your upcoming construction project calls for on-site waste management or considerations, we can assist with pre-development site inspections and create comprehensive designs that are safe for people and the environment. For existing spaces or add-on projects, we will work with you to repair, remediate or restore your existing systems and expand them to your new project.

Use our engineering services to learn more about the permits, air and water quality standards and regulations you need to meet — we’ll help you achieve your compliance goals and monitor ongoing efficiency.

Contact WTC, Inc. to learn more about our waste services for residential and commercial communities across the Permian Basin of Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, including Andrews, Lubbock, Odessa, Midland and more.