Transportation Engineering

A complex highway interchange

Transportation infrastructure is one of the fundamental elements to community health and prosperity. With growing communities and aging infrastructure, transportation projects need to be handled with a capable and analytical eye. This can be achieved with the right transportation engineering service.

Transportation engineering applies technology and science to the design, planning and management of transportation infrastructure across various transportation systems. With a professional hand, communities can enjoy safe, efficient and economical roads and rail systems. WTC, Inc. can offer this and more.

Transportation Engineering Services

WTC employs transportation professionals offering expert transportation engineering services. We offer expert services across a range of transportation infrastructure types, including both commercial and industrial applications. Our crew builds everything from highways and urban, rural, and special-purpose roads to regional airports and rail systems for the oil and gas industry.

Our transportation and traffic engineering services include:

  • Survey and GIS: WTC uses experienced field crews and cutting-edge equipment to deliver accurate surveys and mapping projects. We have experience in even the most demanding environments, so you can rely on us to provide professional land surveying, geographic information system (GIS) mapping and LiDAR/3D scanning services that you can use for transportation project plans.
  • Transportation planning: If you’re looking for detailed planning for a new transportation project, WTC can assist. We work with our clients to provide comprehensive planning services that integrate community plans with functional designs for your specific project. Our plans will help you optimize your transportation design and develop strategies for future growth.
  • Traffic analysis: WTC engineers can help you develop smart traffic solutions with a thorough analysis. Our analysis can improve your traffic management, helping you create the best solution for traffic signals, intersections and roadways.
  • Economic analysis: We’ll conduct economic analyses to help our clients understand the feasibility of a particular project. With our help, you can get an idea of whether a job will be financially viable compared to alternative solutions.
  • Engineering: WTC offers engineering services for transportation, as well as civil, wastewater and environmental engineering. No matter the complexity of your needs, we can help provide solutions.
  • Site development: We can help you with planning, designing and developing sites that will gain permit approval and certifications required for your particular project. From establishing infrastructure to conducting inspections, we can help with it all.
  • Construction engineering and inspection: We work with commercial and industrial companies to help them with the construction of their transportation infrastructure. We have extensive experience with a range of projects throughout the Permian Basin.
  • Construction management: WTC will oversee our clients’ construction projects, providing input and advice at every step. We’ll act as the liaison between our clients and the various specialists working on a site, including contractors and engineers.
  • Program management: WTC will help keep our clients’ projects on schedule and on budget with thorough program management.
  • Public involvement: Transportation infrastructure is a key point of interest for many communities, and large projects require a period of public input where the community can pose questions or voice concerns. We’ll help guide our clients through this phase, helping to address any questions or concerns that come up.

Our comprehensive transportation engineering services ensure that all project phases are successfully executed, meet our clients’ expectations and provide value for both today’s needs and tomorrow’s vision.

Highway and Roadway Engineering

A construction worker overseeing a new transportation building project

An essential part of transportation infrastructure is road and highway engineering. From small local access roads to major highways, roads must be designed for long-term safety and sustainability, while keeping projects cost-effective. At the same time, an effective design must be balanced with the physical limitations and demands of the area. WTC can help you balance all of these factors.

From planning and design to construction supervision, WTC experts can provide all the services you need to execute an effective road or highway project. We’ve designed a variety of roads and highways in rural and urban environments and even worked on regional and state projects. We’ll help you with designing key interchanges, roads and even neighborhood streets that can withstand the test of time.

Railway Engineering

For industry, railways remain the lifeblood of mass transportation. WTC understands the importance of rail, especially in the Permian Basin where it is a primary transportation method for the oil and mining industry.

At WTC, our team of transportation engineers can help your company with any rail services. Our railway construction and engineering services cover all types of rail, including:

  • Industrial rail: Our transportation engineers deliver insights for the design and development of railway projects for private and industrial rail.
  • Shortline rail: Major freight rail companies can trust WTC to assist with shortline rail projects in railroad facilities in the Permian Basin.
  • Public rail: If you’re looking for engineers that can handle public rail projects, WTC can help. We can assist with public rail projects, including designing and developing railroad crossings for roadways.

If you’re looking for a specialist in rail transport engineering projects in the Permian Basin, look no further than WTC.

Contact WTC, Inc. for Transportation Engineering Services

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Transportation programs are often faced with aging infrastructure, financial constraints and growing demands for increased capacity. At WTC, we have a long history of helping our clients handle these and other issues. With innovative solutions and thoughtful engagement, WTC will help tailor transportation engineering solutions to your project’s unique needs.

WTC is a leading provider of a range of consulting, surveying, engineering and construction services in the Permian Basin, serving the area since 1946. Born, raised and based in Texas, we know what companies need in our area and have expertise across a range of technologies and services to help. We can assist both public and private sector clients attain their project goals, whether it is a transportation project or related to oil, waste or energy services. From planning and development to construction and maintenance, WTC is here to help your company from start to finish with the best integrated services available.

Choose WTC to gain dependable professional assistance with your next transportation project in Andrews, Midland, Odessa, Lubbock, or other areas in the Permian Basin. Contact us today to learn more about our range of services.