Construction Services

WTC, Inc. can bring proficiency and expertise to your construction projects that few other companies can meet. Our experience in high-accuracy engineering projects has brought us a deep understanding of construction, and our crews can help you complete your project safely and quickly.

WTC can leverage state-of-the-art robotic total stations and global positioning system (GPS) survey equipment for all your project needs, along with our knowledge of digital terrain modeling and machine control software. Whether your project is a large rail assignment or a small commercial development, WTC has the expertise to carry it out. Learn more about our construction and site development services below.

Construction Services in the Permian Basin

WTC’s construction services in the Permian Basin are also available in regions such as Lubbock, Andrews, Midland and Odessa. WTC, Inc. can conduct construction staking before beginning a project, which includes analyzing proposed construction plans and marking locations of potential structures within the design scheme. This part of the construction process is essential for ensuring the project meets a client’s specifications and adheres to the agreed-upon plans.

We work with various industries to perform construction projects, including transportation, power and oil and gas. Here’s a more detailed look at how we serve these and other industries:

  • Oil and Gas: We help oil and gas clients design, maintain and operate their physical assets and infrastructure. Oil pipeline projects are common in the Permian Basin region, which makes it even more crucial to partner with a construction and engineering company that knows how to plan for such jobs. Many oil companies, whether upstream, midstream or downstream, employ WTC for assistance.
  • Transportation: Although transportation programs are frequently plagued with aging infrastructure and similar issues, businesses like WTC help them develop solutions to meet these needs. Past projects have included the construction of regional airports, railway systems and roads and highways. We make sure we remedy our clients’ existing concerns with innovative solutions.
  • Power: If your utility company needs land surveying, mapping or construction services, WTC, Inc. is the solution for you. Having a knowledgeable and efficient partner in power infrastructure is especially important as alternative forms of energy become more prevalent. Along with our comprehensive civil infrastructure and site development services, we also provide front-end planning for new transmission corridors.
  • Waste: Some waste management agencies don’t have the resources to build additional capacity for aging systems, but we can help them by building new construction to expand their facilities. We assist businesses in creating new solutions for improved waste destruction or long-term disposal or in performing remediation and restoration services for existing systems.
    Water and Wastewater Treatment: A clean water supply and effective sewage system are vital for any municipality, but some must deal with outdated systems that can’t meet residents’ needs. To solve this issue, WTC offers construction management and asset management services — along with many others — to help cities update their water systems. We serve both the private and public sectors.

Site Development Projects in the Permian Basin


Some usual tasks involved in the process of site development include establishing the site’s infrastructure, conducting inspections and installing underground utilities. Our Permian Basin surveying services include civil site development, such as the following tasks:

  • ALTA/ACSM Title Surveys: These surveys are required for investment properties and often need to be conducted before a title company will issue title insurance. The process includes inspecting property boundaries and easements, which determine land ownership.
  • Boundary Surveys: Boundary surveys determine the boundaries of a piece of property — where it ends and the surrounding land begins. These are required before building on a section of land to ensure legal construction and avoid lawsuits.
  • FAA Certificates: Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration is necessary to fly drones over an area to map out a construction site. The guideline 14 CFR Part 107 covers this information, stating that the drone must be registered and the pilot must have a remote pilot certification.
  • Subdivision Planning and Design Services: Subdivision planning and design involve many of the same tasks associated with developing other types of land, such as marking off site elements and underground lines, conducting land surveys and creating 3D property renderings.
  • Flood Zone Certifications and Planning: Flood elevation certificates help property owners figure out where their property is located in relation to the area’s base flood level elevation. Landowners must ensure their property is not susceptible to flooding. If it is within a flood hazard zone, they may need a certificate to obtain flood insurance.
  • Civil Site Design: Civil site design often includes using 3D software to help builders construct a digital representation of a site before they start building. This way, changes can be made within the program instead of during construction.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Construction Services

Before you employ WTC, Inc.’s services for help with construction projects, you’ll want to learn more about what we do. Our construction services include:

  • Construction Staking: Construction staking typically consists of rough grade or site layout staking. Rough grade staking involves marking where each site improvement will go so contractors know where elements like buildings and roadways will be situated. After these initial stages, site layout staking involves establishing underground facilities like electrical and water lines. After those below ground features are managed, aboveground components are staked.
  • Topographic Data Collection: Topographic data reveals information about the Earth’s surface by showing all features of the terrain, both humanmade and natural. These surveys are often required in construction projects to determine the layout of an existing worksite and create new structures according to the positioning of these components.
  • Digital Terrain Modeling: Digital terrain modeling involves creating a 3D representation of a specific terrain, with each elevation value being assigned a certain pixel. This representation gives a mathematical perspective of a bare region with all other extraneous features removed — such as trees and buildings. DTMs are often used in geographic information systems (GIS) and cartographic applications. A DTM effectively represents distinctive terrain features because of its 3D breaklines.
  • Machine Control Model Creation: Grade control models help construction companies track their progress, and they assist GPS machine control systems in cutting grade. It’s yet another step used to ensure a construction project turns out as commissioned and is usually employed soon after a construction contract is signed. By optimizing your machine control system, you can make sure it follows your precise instructions during the building process.
  • Third-Party Verifications Surveying: Third-party surveys are a resourceful tool for businesses who don’t have their own in-house surveying teams or would rather hire out the work to another agency. WTC can provide efficient and thorough land surveys that will help you get familiar with the layout of your property for effective and legally compliant construction.
  • High Accuracy Quality Control Surveying: Employing quality control surveying on your next project can help you ensure your finished project comes to fruition and meets all your business objectives. This can involve creating a list of proposed methods for carrying out quality control services. As your partner in construction management, WTC can develop a quality control process that current project progress can be compared against to make sure everything is on track.

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WTC has been in business in the Permian Basin since 1946, which has given us decades of experience with professional engineering, GIS services, surveying and construction management. We do the job right the first time around so you don’t have to spend time and money on redoing areas of your project in the future. Companies in the Permian Basin and Lubbock, Odessa, Midland and Andrews areas can take advantage of our skills and knowledge to begin building their desired projects the right way.

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