Civil Engineering in Odessa, Texas

As a leading engineering services provider in the Odessa area, WTC, Inc. has furnished its customers with solutions in civil engineering, land surveying, construction and geographic information systems for decades. We employ highly skilled teams and use modern equipment to ensure precise surveying and mapping results in the most demanding work environments.

Several examples of the markets we serve include:

At WTC, Inc., we strive to get the job done right the first time, saving you time and money on future projects and repairs. We use the latest software and equipment to deliver efficient and accurate services to our clients.

Land Surveying Professionals in Odessa, Texas

WTC, Inc. has an experienced surveying team specializing in construction services, geographic information systems, mapping, professional land surveying and LiDAR/3D scanning. When it comes to pipeline surveying, we can handle all the planning, routing and developmental elements. WTC, Inc. also furnishes comprehensive civil site development services.

Among the added benefits of our land surveying services are:

  • We’ll determine the most efficient routing.
  • We will contend with the legal roadblocks and right-of-way passages.
  • We’ll identify any environmental hazards and ecological concerns.
  • We will ensure the highest safety standards.

How WTC, Inc. Can Help Your Business

One of the benefits of working with WTC, Inc. is that we specialize in several different areas of engineering and construction to integrate our services into one package. Should you have a multifaceted project, we can handle all the responsibilities, from design and surveys to the actual building. The four primary services we provide are:

  • Civil engineering services: A few examples of our civil engineering services are drainage studies, site development, utilities and transportation. If you need to know if a site is suitable for construction, we’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.
  • Construction services: The many construction services we provide include conducting thorough land inspections, establishing the site’s infrastructure and installing underground utilities. We also specialize in certification and planning in flood zones.
  • Surveying: Our land surveying team has extensive experience in various projects, including infrastructure and tile and boundary surveying. We can also assist in well-staking, utility surveying, facility design and easement platting.
  • GIS services: Using the most technologically advanced geographic information systems, our GIS services team furnishes a full range of services, including data control, infrastructure management and integrated mapping.

We provide services to companies in both the public and private sectors.

Select WTC, Inc. as Your Service Provider Today

From civil engineering to construction to surveying to GIS services, WTC, Inc. has been furnishing a wide range of engineering solutions to businesses in the Odessa area for decades. Our experience in the region allows us to work closely with municipalities and utility providers and deliver efficient, streamlined services. We have the capabilities to assist our clients with the right level of expertise regardless of the industry or application. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your project.