Civil Engineering Firm in Lubbock, Texas

When it comes to providing engineering, surveying, construction, technical and consulting services in the Lubbock, Texas, area, WTC, Inc. is among the industry leaders. With decades of experience in the Permian Basin region, our team is well-equipped to handle local projects. Our established relationships with utility providers, boards and municipalities give us insight into providing superior services to our clients.

Several examples of the markets we cover are:

One of our primary strengths is having the ability to provide integrated services across several different engineering capacities.

Professional Land Surveying in Lubbock, Texas

Our land surveying team has expertise in all aspects of surveying, including pipeline projects and boundary surveys for industrial sites and infrastructure. If you need help planning for a new well, we can locate suitable sites and assist with utilities, grading and access roads. We can also provide right-of-way and mapping services to establish boundaries for new sites or utilities. 

Some benefits of using our land surveying services include:

  • Efficient routing.
  • Obstruction identification.
  • Potential environmental hazard recognition.
  • The highest safety levels.

How a Partnership With WTC, Inc. Can Benefit You

WTC, Inc.’s team considers the social and environmental consequences involved with engineering solutions. Our approach combines unique talents to fulfill our clients’ needs. The primary services that WTC, Inc. furnishes include:

  • Engineering: Our engineering services combine multiple talents to provide superior project solutions. We use the most advanced engineering techniques to exceed our clients’ specifications and requirements. These services include utilities, site development, drainage and transportation and roadways.
  • Surveying: Our surveying services consist of highly skilled, experienced teams using the most advanced equipment. We efficiently and safely deliver precise surveying and mapping projects in all types of work environments. Several examples include well-staking, facilities design, lease boundary and transmission staking.
  • Construction: Our construction services bring a level of expertise that not many other companies can match. We understand everything that goes into a successful project with our many years of developing solutions in construction. To ensure the job is done right, we collaborate with various industries, including power, transportation, oil and gas. 
  • GIS and geospatial: Whether you need access to real-time data for decision-making in a fast-paced environment or asset management, our GIS services in Lubbock can design, create, and manage the ideal solution for your business. We cover areas like data control, integrated mapping and infrastructure management.

WTC, Inc. also provides our clients with expertise in planning, program management, procurement, science and information technology. We serve customers in both the public and private sectors.

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WTC, Inc. offers much more than basic engineering services. We have served clients in the Permian Basin since 1946, providing us valuable experience in a wide range of projects from GIS services to professional engineering to surveying to construction. We do the job right the first time around, so you can save money and time on an efficient job. 

Companies in the Lubbock area can take advantage of the vast range of services we offer. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact us today.