An oil refinery in the Permian Basin in Texas

Reliable electrical power is important, ranging from a national perspective to a more personal consideration —the comfort and security of our families. With the continuing transition towards alternative energy and expanding electrical power transmission capacity, WTC is proud to be a part of the solution. We offer front-end planning services for new transmission corridors along with a full suite of civil infrastructure and site-development-related services.

Electricity Generation

WTC, Inc. can assist with oil and gas-generated electricity and provide insight and planning for emerging alternative forms of energy as well. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Surveying and inspecting potential drilling locations for oil and gas wells.
  • Mapping services for each well site.
  • Expanding your generation capacity and site locations while conserving resources.
  • Conducting construction and topography surveys.
  • Establishing a layout for access roads and well pads.
  • Site development for on-grid and off-grid power systems.
  • Drilling wells for off-grid power generation.
  • Processing energy permits and projects.
  • Planning pipeline routes, if applicable.
  • Providing the information you need to make critical economic decisions.
  • Maintaining safe environmental practices.

Electric Power Transmission

Whether you’re seeking assistance with transmission corridor engineering or equipment applications, we are here to help you make an informed decision. Our services and experience extend across various challenging terrains and environments.

Contact us to learn more about our power transmission services, including:

  • Engineering for overhead and underground power transmission.
  • Assistance constructing new transmission services.
  • Site evaluations and preliminary feasibility studies.
  • Assessing transmission loads for efficacy and safety.
  • Planning new substations, including site inspections, configuration, compliance and monitoring.
  • Implementing ongoing monitoring strategies to test performance.
  • Front-end transmission corridor planning for new and existing corridors.
  • Operating power lines with safety and environmental considerations in mind.
  • Optimizing existing systems or equipment for more cost-efficient or effective transmission.

Electric Power Distribution

WTC, Inc. provides support for each step of the power distribution chain throughout its life cycle, such as:

  • Distribution system design, implementation, and automation.
  • Site planning and surveying.
  • Cost estimations.
  • Site relocation, reimagining, and capacity expansion.
  • Reinforcing existing systems.
  • Assessing damage and creating a repair and prevention plan.
  • Seeking necessary permits and taking steps to maintain compliance.

Choose WTC, Inc. for Your Power Needs

With years of experience providing power services — in addition to the other civil engineering, construction, and geospatial services we provide — WTC, Inc. has the information and insight you need for electricity needs in the public and private sectors. Additionally, we remain committed to keeping safety and community at the forefront of our work. Contact us to learn more about what our custom power consulting and management services can do for you.